Rhyme & Reason is a four piece group that brings the passion and energy of a Dave Matthews Band show to the local scene. Their performances range from wild jams to tight knit acoustic sing-alongs that fans have grown to love. The energy and vibes you feel while dancing to your favorite song will blow you away. The #LoVE for Dave Matthews Band and the family that has grown from the band's powerful message of compassion and LoVE is what makes this band stand apart from just your average tribute act.

On any given night you will hear all the greatest hits of DMB as well as many other b-sides and rarities. Shows range from 2-3 hours but there have been shows that reached the 4 hour mark.

Quotes and Reviews

"Listening to Rob Messina live and unplugged jamming in the style of Richie Havens with it's fast forward, downhill strumming pattern combined with frenetic vocals is a la Eddie Vedder"
-John Pfeiffer, The Aquarian

Beyond its storied ability to "soothe the savage beast," music  and those talents who play it can often perform what seem like miracles.  Although the popular Dave Matthews tribute band, Rhyme & Reason, cannot cure cancer, its music and shows helped one woman endure her battle and come out victorious. 
At a gig this past year, relates Rob Messina, founder, frontman, guitarist and songwriter, he was approached by an older woman who came to the show on a whim. She was so enthralled with the Dave Matthews songs that she approached Messina afterwards and explained that she was battling cancer. She looked him squarely in the eyes, and proclaimed, "You really changed my outlook."  She recently contacted him to let him know that she beat the cancer "and said that playing our music helped her through it."
-Lisa Schofield, NJ Venues Magazine

Saw you last year in Belmar, NJ.. As a huge DMB fan, I have to say, I was VERY impressed!!
-Facebook User

Shout out to RHYME and REASON!!!!! Unbelievable band-if I closed my eyes I could've been at a Dave Matthews concert! Great job guys!!!
-Facebook User

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